My daughter’s teacher asked us to make some paper suns and flowers. When we were done, we decided to decorate the kids’ bedroom, too, inviting the Sun in our home… we think it’s time! 🙂


34We used the fun crepe papers from Koh-i-Noor, colored printer paper, glue, stapler, markers and pipe-cleaners. 


We used a marker to draw the sun on the yellow paper so it would be visible enough on the photo – but you’d better use pencils so the lines won’t show on the other side. We cut the face from orange paper. Make white paper circles for the eyes.


Finish by decorating the Sun’s face with the markers.


We used thin crepe paper from Koh-i-Noor to make the colored circles. We cut out a piece that was 60-70 cm long and about 30 cm wide. We folded it like an accordion and used a pipe-cleaner to tie it. We spread it open like the wings of a butterfly and stapled the opposite ends together.

You can see the instructions for making a similar circle from two sheets of paper HERE


These are the clouds – cut then out from plain printer paper then draw in the faces with a marker.


Glue all the clouds and the Sun on a piece of cardboard, Add the wooden beads strung on three lengths of yarn.


You can use the same method to make some decorative flowers.


spring kids craft