These lightweight flowerpots are easy to hang, and they have a double bottom for drainage. They are cheerful and they don’t cost a penny…

In the hottest color this season 🙂

So it’s time for pretty terraces again, This is the new look of our terrace this summer.

WE used nothing but empty juice and beer bottles and some used plastic bags. It was very ecological… and cost nothing at all.

How to make plastic bag yarn: remove the uppermost and the lowermost parts of the bag then cut the rest into several strips. Each strip looks like a circle when you open it. 

Join each pair of circles as shown (to avoid tying ends) until you have a very long cord. You can use it to knit all sorts of things.

Your yarn is ready to knit. As we didn’t have knitting needles that thick, we used two paintbrushes 🙂

About 30-35 stitches on every line will be enough. The knitting might look a bit strange to you, but it’s the only kind I know – when I finish a line I don’t turn the thing around, just switch hands, so the stitching looks a bit lopsided. Средно около 30-35 бримки на ред са достатъчни.

When you have a big enough piece, sew the ends together to make a  ‘sleeve’ which you can then pull over the flowerpot.

Сut a larger juice or beer bottle in two. Turn the upper part upside down and put it inside the lower one. Now you have a hanging double-bottomed flowerpot with perfect drainage.

plastic-bottles craft for kids