The kids from the Russian School in Blagoevgrad and their pirate ships

The ever-so-wonderful Оksana Danailova who won our last competition and always surprises us with her ideas, has sent us these PIRATE SHIPS made by her students from the Russian Saturday School A. Pushkin in Blagoevgrad. Here’s part of her letter:

Have you heard the story about the beautiful girl who dreamed of a ship with crimson sails? Look at the ship we made with the kids from the Russian School in Blagoevgrad. We used a kitchen sponge, some red cardboard, a wooden skewer and some kitchen foil. We took a plain sponge and cut a triangular shape at the front to make the boat shape. We cut out the sails from red cardboard and taped them to the skewer. We made a flag from a toothpick and a piece of paper, but you can also use sandwich flags. Some of our ships turned out to be pirate ships. You can cut out a sea or lake from kitchen foil. The story has a happy ending – the beautiful girl’s dream came true and her captain Grey finally arrived with his crimson sails… :)))

summer kids craft