We had lots of fun with my little cyclope.

We borrowed the idea from CREATIVITY  Association (their meetings take place in Budnina Cultural Centre in Mladost 2). It’s easy – and so much fun when it’s ready!

I hasten to say that there are lots of photos, but making the origami eye is actually very easy. No adult help is needed except perhaps making some folds tidier.

origami for kids

You will need an A4 sheet of paper. Fold it to make a square.

When you have made steps 4 and 5, unfold the paper again.

Fold again twice and draw the eye at the designated place (9). Then fold once again.

Turn the shape around (11) and fold in the two ends to the middle.

Тhis is the trickiest part. Fold the edges to the central lines of symmetry. Turn again and pull at the two ends to open and close the eye.

Here we have shown how exactly we drew the eye…

… and how we colored the lid and drew the lashes – it will be easier if you close the shape first.

paper toys for kids