The fossils in the ground have taken millions of years to form, but you can make a  model of a  fossil at home. It’s not hard at all!

You will need plasticine, some plaster of Paris, water, a plastic cup and a spoon. And, most importantly, a few shells you brought from the sea. You may also use empty snail shells from the park or, better yet, plastic dinosaurs.

Knead the plasticine well to soften it, so when you press the shell in, you will get a good-quality print. Remove the shell carefully.

Put 6 tbsp plaster of Paris in the cup, then gradually add about 4 spoons of water. The plaster is ready when it starts dripping from the spoon. Pour the plaster mixture in the shell print. Wait about 10 minutes to dry.

Remove the plasticine carefully. You will get a shell fossil. Color with paints to get a more realistic hue.

Dictionary: fossils(from Latin fossilis, fodio „to dig“) are all those organic remains, traces or prints of plants and animals which were preserved in the earth from prehistoric times.

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