The great thing about this homemade chalk is that it’s big, it doesn’t break easily and they last quite long.

You will need:  tempera paints, empty toilet paper rolls, plaster of Paris.

Start by making a cardboard base for the paper roll so you can fill it with plaster.

Then, make the plaster mix. Pour plaster in a cup (a little over halfway through), add 2 tbsp of tempera paint. Add water until you get a runny mush.

If you’ve never worked with plaster of Paris before, you may think that the liquid will never solidify, but it will 🙂

Pour the mixture quickly into the roll with the cardboard base. Leave it to dry in a sunny spot and remove the paper roll in 1-2 hours. The chalks will be ready when they are fully dry, i.e. after a day and a half in the sun.

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