Cardboard SANDALS

Mommy, can I wear them to kindergarten?

Cardboard SANDALSYou will need a piece of cardboard. Measure your child’s feet by outlining them with a felt-tip pen. Cut out the two sandal templates. Cut 4 crosswise strips of kitchen foil. Roll them over a length of twine (to make them stronger). Thread two of those strips into the front end of the cardboard soles. Turn the sole over and secure the strip ends with masking tape (easier to remove if you made a mistake). sandal2 Thread some beans and thread the other end of the aluminium strips back into the cardboard soles. Decorate the sandals with felt-tip pens. sandal3

The Masai in Kenia use motorbike tyres to make their sandals. I thought that was very amusing when I saw them.They told me that when you walk for miles in the savanna, all other soles would wear out too quickly (unlike ours, as we barely move around). 🙂

масаи в Занзибар


We got mail! Irina Shumkova from sent us another idea for DIY cardboard sandals.


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