I couldn’t resist trying those pencil-eraser prints at home. I saw them recently at  ALMOST UNSCHOOLERS and I loved the idea.

The best thing for me is that hands remain clean enough – and there’s no great danger of getting colored prints on your walls 🙂

FOR YOUNGER KIDS: We tried the easier version of this craft. We printed out several templates and we colored them in with tempera paints and a few pencils with erasers.

A Toucan


A Sky

FOR BIGGER KIDS: It’s more challenging when the kids are trying to achieve a particular shade by placing dots in different primary colors side by side. When you look at them from a far, those dots are hard to tell apart -they merge in an optical illusion and new colors are created. This is called pointillism in art. If you’d like to try it yourself, see how the colors are mixed at the diagram below.

If you’d like to see the shades you got from mixing together dots in two different primary colors, just narrow your eyes a little bit! 

INTERESTING FACT! ТV sets and computers use millions of small dots in primary colors (red, blue and green) to represent the myriads of different shades. This is also a kind of pointillism!

Suitable pictures for coloring by this technique:

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