diy sheep

Тhis sheep is very sweet and so easy to make. It’s a wonderful gift for St. George’s Day. You will need: an empty toilet paper roll, 4 cotton buds, some colored wrapping paper (I used leftover paper from a bouquet), 2 sewing pins with bigger heads, some cotton wool and some glue.


Attach the cotton buds to the toilet roll with sticky tape. They will be the ‘legs’, so make sure they stand sturdy enough. Crumple the wrapping paper, push it through the roll and shape the head. Shape the cotton wool into balls (or use ready-made cotton balls). Glue them densely along the surface of the roll (I’m sorry that I didn’t took pictures of this step, but it’s really easy to do). To make the horns, wrap some cotton around a piece of wire and paint it. Use the pins to make the eyes. Cut out ears from the paper and glue them to the sheep’s body.  printable version