DIY sock  bunny

Тhis bunny can be a wonderful decoration for your Easter basket but it can also serve as a soft toy for younger kids. I don’t know whether it’s a ‘green’ toy, but I’m absolutely sure about the materials it’s made of – just a sock and some cotton wool.

Cut the front part of the sock with scissors. Stop at the foot, leaving enough space for the head. Turn the sock unside out and stitch the two ‘ears’ closed.

Turn the sock over again and fill it with cotton wool.

Separate the head, tying it with a piece of string. Shape the body and stitch it closed. Cut out the remaining part, leaving a little bit for the tail. Stitch it closed.

Cut the remaining piece into 4 equal parts. Shape them into balls for the legs. Sew them to the rabbit’s body. Now all you have to do is add two eyes and an embroidered mouth.

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