The salt dough recipe is really easy. You can work with it right away – and it’s safe for kids!

1 cup flour,

1/2 cup salt,

1 tbsp oil

1/2 cup water

We cut out a circle from a toilet roll to use as a base for the hen. The circle itself is too big for the egg but the opening gets smaller when we cover it with saltdough.

Make two salt dough cyllinders and lay them around the circle. Pinch with your fingers at both ends to join them together.

Use two more dough cylilnders to make the tail.

Mahe the hen’s head.

Make the base as shown below. Cover it with salt dough and mold with your fingers.

Add a crest and a beak. Decorate with a wooden skewer. When your hens are ready, air-dry them or use a very low oven or microwave.

When they are dry and cool, color them with tempera paints.