I saw the idea some time ago HERE.  I didn’t have enough pretty fabric scraps that suited each other, but I tried to select a few. I am very pleased with the end result – although from time to time I got bored with all the wrapping and I almost gave up. If you don’t have a few hours to spare, don’t start this craft – it’s easy, but it’s time-consuming. 


Much to my surprise I found 10 m of thin rope in the center of Sofia, on Ivan Asen Street, for the price of 3.50 lv (about $2). I wrapped the paper strips around it.

Here’s how you can make this basket yourself:

Cut out long strips from different fabrics. The strips should be around 8-9 cm wide.

Start wrapping them around the rope, sewing each strip to the previous one.

Small as it was, my little basket almost used up the 10 m rope I had bought. 

After you have wrapped the fabric around the rope, start making the basket base. Wind into a spiral and sew together to keep your basket from unwinding. After you are done, start building the ‘sides’, sewing them together in the same manner.

It was the sewing part that took so much time:)

When your basket is ready, all you have to do is add the handle which is also made of fabric-covered rope.