easter decor

You can use these three funny hens to play ‘Guess which one laid the egg”. (Hide an egg under one of the hens, then let the child guess where it is. Put it under a different hen each time). 

These three feathered friends appeared at our place yesterday. They are very sweet and funny.

I have made very detailed step-by-step instructions. They are very fast and easy to make, and they are sure to bring lots of joy!

For the body – You need several A4 sheets of paper, scissors and glue. Cut out a paper square and roll into a cone. Glue closed. Cut out the base to make the cone stand upright.

For the tail– Cut out three short strips of paper and curl them. Glue their ends together and glue them to the lower part of the paper cone.

For the legs – Cut out long paper strips and fold them like an accordion. Glue a circle at the lower end.

For the wings – Cut out two symmetrical wings from another colored sheet of paper and glue them at the opposite sides of the cone.

For the comb– Cut out two identical combs and glue them at both sides of the cone top.

For the beak – Cut out two red paper strips. One is for the beak and the other is for the wattle below.

Finish by cutting out eyes and dots from a white sheet of paper. Glue the dots to the body to make your hens merrier :).

easter kids craft