What do you do with the old paper bags?

Why not try making some paper ‘nests’  for your Easter eggs? Fully recycled 🙂

You can also use colored paper which you can shape in the same manner. As this craft is so quick and easy, we made several nests in different sizes. It all depends on the kind of bowls you have at hand. Paper nests are easiest to remove if the mold is a plastic bowl, but metal ones work just as well.

Cut the paper bag into long strips. Crumple them a little to make them softer.

Dilute some PVA glue in another bowl. Soak the paper strips so they get fully wet but not so much that they will start falling apart.

Start covering the bowl, alternating directions to create the illusion of a well-woven nest. When you are ready, leave ‘the nest’ to dry well. If you leave it in a warm and sunny place, it will be ready in a few hours.

!!! Take the finished nest from the bowl shortly before it is fully dried and hardened.