To make your egg basket really beautiful, make sure the fabric coordinates well with the color of the cardboard. I used a combination of green and orange, two colors that tend to go together well :).

Uou will need three cardboard strips and some fabric. Cut the fabric into long strips and sew or tie them together to make a long line.

Glue the centers of the cardboard strips together, as if making a snowflake. Glue a cardboard circle on top to make the bottom of the basket. FOld the strips upwards. Start weaving the fabric line around each strip of cardboard. To make your weaving sturdier, push the fabric down from time to time.

When you have woven enough fabric, fold the cardboard strips in. Drive them carefully through the fabric, taking care not to unravel them. You can add a second cardboard circle to make the bottom stronger. Your basket is now ready to fill.

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