When does the fearsome king of the jungle become nice, gentle and delicate? When he’s in love of course! Even his mighty mane starts trembling like a heart of flames…

The idea was originally posted in www. stranamasterov.ru, but it was beautifully executed by Oksana and her little son, who sent us these pictures.


You will need: yellow cardboard, a pair of scissors, red yarn and double-sided sticky tape.

To make the mane:

1.WRap red yarn 60-70 times around your hand.

2. Take the yarn off your hand and tie it about 1 cm from the end. Cut both sides open.

3. Cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard and cover it with double-sided sticky taoe (or use glue). Take the larger half of the yarn and spread it out well to make the lion’s mane…

4. Trim the yarn well around the heart shape.

Draw the lion’s face. Glue it right under the little fringe of the mane.

Cut out the lion’s body from yellow cardboard paper and assemble it. Cut out a yellow cardboard tail and glue a little red yarn pom-pom at the end. Glue the tail to the lion’s back. Don’t forget to draw the paws at the front!

To make your job easier, KROKOTAK has made a  printable template for the body itself: