I’m happy to welcome back Hrisi and her wonderful blog Mery Poppins. Hrisi has sent us the pictures for this easy project: making a dwarf from a ping-pong ball, a styrofoam ball or an Easter egg (empty or boiled).

You will need two different-sized circles, two eyes, a pipe-cleaner and a bigger ball (a styrofoam ball, a table tennis ball or an egg).

Fold the circles in 6 and round up the edges as shown. Snip each circle to the center once. Fold into a cone and glue them closed – you will get two little hats that fit inside one another.

Shape the pipe-cleaner into a ribon.

Glue the elements together and add the finishing touches. You may glue a piece of string on top and hang your dwarf as an ornament.

easter kids craft