Тhis crocheted caterpillar is the second fantastic idea from Gergana Lazarova who is just 15 years old.

We recently posted video instructions for crocheting with this type of machine (just thinner).

You will need: “a crocheting machine” made of a 5-litre mineral water bottle and 15 pencils   (see a similar model), thick yarn, some kind of stuffing (foam rubber, old pieces of cloth, etc.), two black buttons to make the eyes, two little pieces of wire for the antennae, a needle and thread, a pair of scissors.

Method: Crochet a long tube with ‘the machine’ then fill it with stuffing.

Wind some yarn around the wire to make the antennae. 

The tail and the legs were made of pom-poms tied to the caterpillar’s body. Two black buttons for the eyes – and your caterpillar is ready.

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