Did you already check how many of your child’s clothes still fit? 🙂 Ours must be urgently replaced – the sleeves are too short, the jeans don’t cover the ankles, the shoes are too small for feet that grow so quickly 🙂 I took this pair of kids’ jeans from the pile of outgrown clothes and I surprised my daughter with a colorful textbook cover. 

It’s not difficult at all. It took me half an hour but it was well worth it 🙂

It’s better if you use kids’ jeans as they have smaller pockets. We used one trouser leg per textbook cover.

Measuring, folding, ironing, then measuring again. The best thing about the new type of jeans is that their fabric is slightly elastic.

As I’m no good at sewing, I used fabric glue. My needlework skills were just enough to plant some button flowers in the pocket.

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