сърце за Св. Валентин
The Magic Tricks of Mary Poppins section belongs to Hrisi and her wonderful blog –  – Mary Poppins. Here’s her idea for gorgeous hearts for the ones we love: 


You will  need paper or fabric, a heart stencil, some thread,  some glue, a pair of scissors and an assortment of buttons, ribbons and twine. To make the stencil symmetrical, fold the paper in half and then cut. Make two hearts from each stencil (without leaving extra space for the stitch). Stitch the two pieces together (about 3-4 mm from the end) with an overcast stitch (with the thread going around the edge).
Before you close it off, fill it with cotton or fiber wool.


To decorate the heart, glue on buttons, ribbons and all kinds of pretty things.
Now give it away to your best beloved people.
Enjoy what you make with your own hands!