He barely survived to be photographed đŸ™‚ One little Krokotak took him to school, and the other danced with him đŸ™‚


He’s easy to make and doesn’t need a lot of artistic skills. Just make sure to lay the paint evenly. Take a plastic bottle and paint it with acrylic paints – you can buy them in bookstores and art-supply stores. They cover the plastic well and don’t wash away afterwards. The color is smooth and even. It’s best to wait for the paint to dry before you attach the arms and the legs. We laid two layers of paint.

For the boots you will need two empty toilet rolls and some red cardboard to decorate them.

The pom-pom on the hat is made like this. The lid was perforated to attach teh pom-pom better. The legs are made of folded strips of paper; we glued colored squares to each fold.


plastic-bottles craft for  kids