We do love those paper rolls… and have long stopped throwing them away. Sometimes we start making one thing but get another… just as easy and amusing. Those little toys will surely be part of the Christmas bazaar at little Krokotak’s school. .

You need a toilet paper roll, some red paper, some glue, a pair of scissors and a black marker. An A4 sheet of red paper will be enough for one roll.

Fold one end of the paper roll as shown in picture 3. Make sure that the back side fold makes a 90 ° angle with the front side one (see picture 5). Finish by pressing the two ends together to make Santa’s hat.

Fold out the two lower ends to make the boots. Glue the hat on, attaching a piece of string for hanging your toy.


Now you have to glue on the face and the beard. Cut out a triangular piece of white paper and glue it on. Draw the face on it. Draw the boots, the hands and the belt in black marker.