Истинска зима е вече, бяла и студена.

Our new winter garland is made of snowy trees and white snowballs. We have used only A4 sheets of white printer paper. They look wonderful even without any extra decoration. And we have used almost all of them – they are hardly any leftovers!


Fold the paper to make a square and a rectangle. You’ll use the rectangle to make the tree – and the square to make the ball.

The snowball is more complicated. It requires precision in folding and cutting. It might be difficult for a child to do.

These are the outlines you have to cut along to make the basic shape after unfolding. After you make a few balls, you will feel how wide the strips need to be – not too thin and not too wide. Glue together the ends of every pair of opposite strips to make a round ball.

The Christmas tree is much easier. A child can certainly manage, too.

Fold the paper in half and cut out part of it as shown. It should be possible to fold the rest of the paper in half. Make an accordion fold. Fold in half and glue the ends together.

To hang, perforate the upper part of the tree and thread a string of white yarn.