“Unfortunately we didn’t think of photographing the process itself. That’s why we’re only showing the final result. We found ‘the knack of it’ as we went, that’s why the tree is called ‘knicky-knacky” (a Cheshire phrase for someone who’s good at improvising) :)”

See Nixo and Siyana’s tree in its full splendor. Siyana made the design and the structure while Nixo solved the electricity issues and made the tree stand upright 🙂
You will need:
– a 50х70 cm sheet of green cardboard for the tree,
– a little corrugated cardboard for the 3D effect of overlapping segments
– a corrugated cardboard “spine” at the back, so your structure will stand upright
– a length of wood for the trunk (attached to the back of the tree)
– “the ornaments” are pieces of colorful wool, made into balls and tied with colored yarn
– the star is made of cardboard, and the golden contour is brocade sprinkled on glue
– half the lamps are inserted through holes in the cardboard so they can be visible; the other half remain at the back to illuminate the wall.
– an old lamp stand keeps the whole composition upright.

This calls for a strong man’s hand….


And as I took pictures of Nixo’s wonderful handmade photo albums, I just must show you some of them. If you are looking for a real “‘present with a soul” – I strongly recommend them:)