Christmas parties are always full of little angels, snowflakes and Santas. This year we chose the angel theme. The wings were mostly Grandma’s handiwork, but we do take credit for the idea, the materials, the short deadline… “the party’s on Friday, Grandma…”

The dress was sewn from an old curtain, of course 🙂

You need 3 wire hangers, a garland (for the halo) and some tulle (  You are also bound to need a pair of pliers to straighten and shape the hangers.

Cover the wing with tulle, fixing it with a running stitch. Cut long strips of tulle and snip them to look like feathers. Fold each strip several times and sew it to the wings, starting from the bottom and moving upwards.

The halo can be made of a wire hanger and a wound garland. The most difficult part was joining together the two wings and the halo, but with some effort and patience we got a stable halo and fluttering wings. To attach them to the body, use two lengths of elastic that go under the arms.

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