Yarn heart

kid's craft for valentine's day

These hearts are super simple -all you need is some yarn and diluted PVA glue.

They are also quite easy to make… but a little slow to dry.

You need thick yarn, some PVA glue and baking paper (or other easily detachable surface to work on).

Cut several 20-30cm pieces of yarn and soak them in diluted PVA glue (1 part glue to 3 parts water). Use a couple of pieces to make the desired shape. You can use different-colored yarn. Make sure the pieces overlap.  After you have made the frame, you can fill it in as you wish Рjust make sure you stick to your outline.

When you are ready, press the heart well (it’s best to leave a heavy object on it for a few hours). Leave in a warm place to harden and dry (it will take a couple of days). When it’s ready, it should be easy to remove from the baking sheet. Decorate with beads and sequins, if you wish.