christmas baubles

Тhese balls are so easy to make! The only catch is that they need a day to dry properly.

You need small balloons, some yarn or twine and PVA glue.

как се правят топки от прежда

If the glue is too thick, you can dilute it with water. You must cover the surface of the balloon well. Leave out to dry (I left it overnight). Now you can break the balloon.

как да си направим топка от прежда

Use a toothpick and some instant glue to embellish the holes with artificial pearls, some beads or sequins (this is the trickiest part).

A brief advice on glue from Petya Kopanova, a teacher from Preschool No20 in Stara Zagora – and our baubles are ready. She and her preschoolers made such baubles for the whole Christmas tree.

Топки от прежда

This yarn ball was sent to us by Alex Kirov.