Here is a special collection of Christmas ornaments by KROKOTAK – a limited edition of only 7 stars for our new house, which is almost a hundred years old… and will welcome us for the first time this Christmas ­čÖé

They are easy to make. You need fine white and red yarn, some PVA glue and a suitable surface to stick the tacks on in the shape you need.

We used a bulletin board which we wrapped in clingfilm to prevent the glue from damaging its surface.

We wound the triangles one by one. Each side is about 5cm long. We tie the ends well so they would not unravel.

Brush over the stars well with diluted PVA glue. There should be no dry places as the yarn there would not harden. You can use a hairdryer to speed the drying process.

Then we come to the most delicate task – tying the red yarn. Do not forget to leave a longer piece of yarn for hanging your ornament.