paper snake

хартиена змия

When the snake is asleep, it coils into a spiral and looks quite small. If you want to wake it up, you have to color it prettily and see how big it actually is…

This is one of the activities which are much more entertaining than they seem at first glance. It’s easy enough (a must for KROKOTAK!) and the children spend a long time playing with their colorful paper snakes!
5If you don’t have a printer for our ТEMPLATE, just draw a spiral with a felt-tip pen.

You can color the snake with pencils.


You can also try decorating it with colorful tissue pieces. Just glue them on (we used PVA glue).


When the snakes are ready, tie them to a wooden stick with a piece of string.

We’ve woken dozens of snakes since yesterday morning – I lost count of them. My daughter is enthralled 🙂