“Mommy, what does ‘compasses’ mean?…It turned out that we have no compasses at our house (blame it on the computers!) After I showed my almost 7-year-old daughter how to work with them, she spent two days drawing circles. I think she drew almost a hundred good ones… and some which were not so good. She was not that interested in coloring them.

The Flower of Life is an ancient geometrical model which is supposed to contain all the secrets of the universe – and to govern its energy flows. It is a geometrical figure consisting of several symmetrically overlapping circles resembling a flower.
“The Flower of Life” can be found in all kinds of cultures and religions, in various ages and traditions. It is the symbol of holy geometry.

Here’s how to make your own “flower of life”:

1. Draw a circle.

Keeping the same radius, draw another circle whose center is a point on the circumference of the first one. The center of the third circle must be one of the intersections of the other two.

See more color-in mandalas from KROKOTAK:

‘Mandala’ is the Tibetan word for wheel. These are magic paintings coming from the Far East. They are composed of elements repeating themselves in a circle. Watching them makes one feel good!

Kids can color the mandalas together. I have just discovered the beauty of this ancient Tibetan art but I also saw how much fun kids were having when they were coloring the pictures as a group.


handWorking with mandalas, which are basically circular pictures, develops good hand-eye coordination, an ability to concentrate and a taste for beauty. Coloring mandalas is very pleasurable and a favorite activity for children around the world.

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