Here are three different ideas for Christmas decorations which are sturdy enough for outdoor use. If you have a beautiful fir tree in your yard, you could use them to decorate it. They will stand the cold and the snow, and you will have a wonderful activity that would keep the kids busy.

Why are we starting so early with these ideas? – So you can have enough time to collect those materials instead of throwing them away.

1. For the Christmas bells, decorate some small yoghurt containers. We have used nail polish in different colors, as well as some pipe-cleaners and large beads.

2. For the snowman, use a white plastic bottle, e.g. from a yoghurt drink. We used a permanent marker for the eyes and the nose, but nail polish would also work well.

3. For the Christmas ornaments, cut out the bottoms of various plastic bottles then decorate with different colors of nail-polish.

christmas ideas for kids craft

plastic-bottles craft for kids