…. Oksana Danailova  from Blagoevgrad surprised us with her ice fantasy. She won hands down with her original, simple and beautiful idea. Here are the instructions from her letter:

It’s still not snowing here, but the temperatures outside befit the season quite well. You can use this craft to decorate your doorstep or your balcony while it is still cold enough. The kids helped me freeze ice-cubes for the Christmas wreath. They are quite easy to make – just pop some colorful beads into an ice tray, or add some pieces of kitchen foil, or stir in some watercolor paints. Add a piece of string before you freeze so you can hang it afterwards.

As our ice fantasies grew wilder, we made some icy snowflakes for the balcony. We froze little doilies, but paper snowflakes could do, too. Just put them out overnight to freeze in deep dishes or pot covers. Do not forget to add the string for hanging. Pour some water in the morning to remove your creations from their molds and hang them on the clothesline… or wherever you wish.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

frozen doilies