I saw a friend’s photo of my favorite Apartment101 Cofe@Bar in Plovdiv, where the candleholders are made of clothespins. I quickly added a heart and a little box to complete the set. A great idea, so easy and cheap – provided you can find wooden clothespins. We bought ours from Carrefour as smaller stores in the vicinity only had the plastic version.

1.The heart is made from a wire hanger – the kind you get your clothes on when they have been dry cleaned. The wire is pliable enough to shape by hand. Into a heart, in our case.


2. The candleholder is my favorite. It’s already in use at our home. The base is made from several disassembled clothespins whose parts are glued together. The walls are made from clothespins that are latched on each other.

It’s best to use a little glue between the clothespins to make the construction more durable.

3. Fpr the FLOWER POT  you need to find a suitable container. Disassemble some clothespins then attach the halves to the container with an elastic band. It’s quick, it’s easy and you don’t even have to glue them on.

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