Christmas Ornaments DIY

This year we decorated our Christmas tree with felt ornaments.

I’m a novice with this material, and I’m quite bad at embroidering – yet I felt really proud with the results. The ornaments we made were very cosy, soft and full of Christmas spirit. Felt is so easy to cut with scissors! A needle and a thicker thread are all you need to make gorgeous ornaments that will not unravel later on. Each of those small ornaments can be made in 10 to 15 minutes. You can print out the templates HERE.

The ball turned out best of all 🙂  You will need 6 pieces of felt, cut to the template. Sew the pieces together then fill with cotton wool – just as you would with the other felt Christmas ornaments.

A Christmas Stocking

A Christmas Tree

Little Star

Mitten and Candy Stick

Felt Ornament Templates: