window decoration, toilet paper roll crafts


Fall’s here! Get some of its warm sunshine home by decorating your window with some pretty translucent leaves.

You will need some empty toilet paper rolls, some PVA glue and watercolor paints. You will also have to wait a day for the glue to dry before you start coloring the leaves.

Cut each empty roll into 4 thicker and 4 thinner rings. Press each ring into a strip, gluing it in the middle. Snip the thicker rings twice halfway through and insert the thin strip to make the center of the leaf. Glue it on.

When the leaf has been assembled and glued together, pinch one end with a clothespin to make its shape more beautiful.

You can make not just leaves but apples and hearts as well! Wait for the glue to dry before you move to the next step.

Put the shapes on baking paper or kitchen foil so they will be easier to detach afterwards. Now start filling them in with PVA glue.

Press hard so the glue will not spill. Wait for about a day until it’s dry and transparent. The shapes should then be easy to detach. Cut away any glue spills.

Color with watercolor paints. When all are completely dry, use sticky tape to attach them to the windowpane.