ESCHER Coloring Pages

A sense of wonder at the great puzzle of nature; a rhythmic sequence of images… the feeling that everything eventually fits in – these are some of the pleasures presented by the works of the great Dutch artist Maurits Escher (1898-1972). Although he was an artist with no formal mathematical education, Escher developed a strong visual and intuitive feeling for mathematics. In his pictures he used objects like the Möbius strip and planar images of buildings that would be impossible in three-dimensional space. He filled the whole surface of the work with symmetrical forms perfectly complementing each other. He is regarded as one of the greatest artists and mathematicians of his time.



You don’t have a printer?

KROKOTAK will show you an easy way to make a shape that could fill the entire page when you repeat it. We saw the idea from here. Take a square piece of paper (smaller is better) and make this chicken shape, following the pattern. In the penultimate picture it looks like a kitten.
esher for kids

Outline the shape repeatedly to fill the whole page – first in pencil, then in black felt-tip pen. Fill in different colors.


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