I have deep respect for Rumi ( Something…) without knowing her in person. When I browse her blog, I step into another world – so different, intimate and enchanting. I know what she feels when she looks through the lens – the feeling that simple things are coming to life… and stirring unexpected memories, thoughts and desires.¬†

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful Christmas trees with KROKOTAK!

Here’s how you can make the COTTON Christmas trees yourself:

Take some mini aluminium buckets (these were bought from JUMBO for pennies but you can use empty cans or coffee cups), some newspaper, a twig, some buttons, colorful ribbons and papers.

  • prune the twig well
  • use the help of a selfless volunteer to secure it in the middle of the bucket and pack pieces of newspaper tightly around it to make it stand upright.
  • pull the cotton wool¬† long and thick and wrap it around the twig. It should be slightly thicker around the base.
  • decorate with ribbons and colored paper.
  • hot-glue the buttons.

Here are some more of Rumi’s ideas:

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