baba Marta craft

 Torn Paper MUSHROOM Collage

printable template:



Variant 1: Room decor martenitsa

This is an easy collage technique for smaller kids. Тhey can cut out the shapes, tear away paper pieces and glue them on. You can use our printable template, Print it out twice, on red and white paper. Let the child cut out the shapes then help her glue the pieces on, white on red and red on white, using the mushroom contour as a guideline. The rest of the paper can be torn into little ‘spots’ for the mushrooms.  Perforate with a punch-hole and tie together with red and white yarn. Your decorative martenitsa is ready.


Variant 2 – Mushroom collage on colored paper

printable template:

Print out the templates on two sheets of paper – one red and the other one white. Help the child cut them out and glue them on a blue sheet of paper, then tear the leftover pieces to make ‘spots’ for the two mushrooms.