paper Christmas tree how-to

As we got two such Christmas trees for our competition, we decided to show you how to make your own.

You need colored paper (wrapping paper works great) and a cardboard cone secured with masking tape. Cut the colored paper into thin strips.

как се прави елха от хартия

Glue together the ends of each strip.

как се прави елха от хартия

Glue the strips on a line on a piece of masking tape (longer than the lower circumference of the cone).

как се прави елха от хартия

Stick the masking tape to the lower end of the cone. Alternate the colors with each layer you add.

коледни елхи от хартия

The tree on the left was made by the second graders from the Petar Beron School in Samokov. The tree on the right was made by Pavel Dichev.