Penguin love

Penguin love

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Snowman Love Cards

Snowman Love Cards

 Kids from from kids’ center Step, Sofia, have created these lovely snowmen.  see more:



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Pictures from drinking straws and salt dough

The kids that took part in the Saturday workshop of The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” in the of…

robot love

Robot Love

 printable templates:  colour and black and white  see more:

recipes with kids

Heart Shaped Lollipops

We borrowed the recipe from the culinary book for kids “Small Cookie“, of publishing house “Ribka” Ingredients: 1 tea…

Rain of Hearts with Cotton Pads

Rain of Hearts with Cotton Pads

You need: colored paper, cotton pads, scissors, and glue! see more:


Calendar 2017- Pop-up BOOK

see how to make:   Templates to print:  see more:

valentines card

Valentines…or just an opportunity to say (and write) each other “I love you”.

Print, fold, cut, draw, color. Another great idea from the Kid’s House.       See also:  

A button instead of pendant for present :)

A button instead of pendant for present :)

Here you can see how easy it is to make a pendant with the help of any big…

valentines kids craft

Angry Valentines

With the help of the eyes and mouths of the kids’ favorite’s video game characters, decorate these easy-to-make…

coverFlowering tree from a kid's hand

Flowering tree from a kid’s hand

Outline the kid’s hand onto a brown cardboard. Draw two stripes at the two sides and make two…


A plasticine teddy

  See how easy it is to make plasticine teddy bears. Cut the plasticine into three equal parts…

paper roll art and crafts - fox

A toilet paper roll fox

Look at these small foxes made with love by our friends from Kids’ house, Varna. You need several…

A paper clip heart

A paper clip heart

    A wonderful present – with just a few metal hearts you can turn an ordinary candle…


Envelope – origami

  To make these envelopes you need a square piece of paper. See how easy it is –…


A folded paper heart

You need a rectangular piece of colored paper, two more piece of different colored paper (to be glued…

3D garlands-hearts

3D garlands-hearts

This one very easy way to make a 3D garland with hearts on it. To make this garland…

Heart pillow (no-sew)

Heart pillow (no-sew)

Have a look at this easy way to make such a pillow from felt fabric or polar fleece…


3D paper heart

This 3D heart is both very impressive and easy to make. You will need coloured printer paper and…

kids craft for valentines

L.O.V.E. snail – from colored paper strips

A LOVE snail   easy to make snails with hearts In order to make this snail you will…


“I’m crazy in love with you”

    “I’m crazy in love with you” – this is the explanation for the tousled coloured hair…


Will the princess kiss the frog?

What is really happening? The square spins and the pictures change so fast the your brain cannot discern…

как да си направим моливи стрелички

School Break ARROWS

You can make these PEN OR PENCIL ARROWS in the short break between classes. You need a sheet…



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лъв от хартия

LION in Love

  When does the fearsome king of the jungle become nice, gentle and delicate? When he’s in love…

сърце за свети валентин


I expect a lot of angry comments under this post… How do I dare give wiener sausages to…

направи си сам забавно човече сърце за денят на влюбените

Mr. HEART (Paper Magnet Doll)

This idea belongs to our new virtual friends from Creativity ( ). It may seem simple, but thinking…


HEART PRINTS and 8 Ways to Use Them

I haven’t met a child who would not jump at the chance to make prints. If you want…

занимания за деца за св. валентин - стрелите на любовта

CUPID’S ARROWS… or As You Like It

This activity could be related to St Valentine’s Day… but not necessarily. It’s a good way to include…


A Hearty HOLDER for Charging Your Cell Phone

It must be seasonal… the heart thing, that is. St Valentine is near and I’m suddenly inclined to…

картички за свети валентин


These prints are lots of fun! You can use wax crayons or oil pastels. Both give wonderful results!…


DIY- cards, invitations and boxes for Valentine Day

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Valentine’s Day Colouring Pages

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Еasy HEART COLLAGES (with templates)

We have prepared some heart templates to print and cut out. Use colored paper to make your collages…


WHALE Lotta Love (Origami for Kids)

This is our first St Valentine’s idea for the year – origami for kids, a pair of whales…