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Fall Trees

The kids that took part in the Saturday workshop of The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” in the of…


Pictures from drinking straws and salt dough

The kids that took part in the Saturday workshop of The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” in the of…

bugs from drinking straw

BUGS from drinking straws

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Flowers from from drinking straws

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paper stork

Paper stork + template

You need: printable template, straws for juice, red marker, scissors and glue. see more:  


Merry Bench

I don’t know the author of this decoration, but we all say “Thank you” It is very close…


A table, chairs and an umbrella for playing

  DIY chairs and a table for playing. We have used cardboard cups, drinking straws (for the umbrella),…


Disco Drinking Straws Frames

Straws, made of colored straws cut into pieces. We have even used the part where the straw bends….


Let’s Make a Rocket from Empty Sugar Sticks

This is easy and fun. You just need some straws and a few empty sugar sticks. These rockets…


Air Balloons

 A flying balloon made of a plastic cup, 3 drinking straws and a balloon. We used scotch tape…

Christmas garland from drinking straws

Christmas garland from drinking straws

Garland from drinking straws – suitable for outdoor decoration. The making of this garland aids the development of…


How to make “scary eyes” for easy decoration

It takes no time and materials to make such scary eyes which you can stick anywhere:) Draw several…

DIY Funny hanging skeleton

Funny hanging skeleton

You will need: a piece of white cardboard paper lack marker drinking straw scotch tape scissors Sketch something…

Калии от сламки, клечки и памук

DIY calla lilly with drinking straws, cotton buds, and cotton

The kids from group number 4 of kindergarten “Prolet”, Sevlievo, and their teacher Nadya Mihailova have sent us…


Daffodils in bouquet

You will need: an egg carton for the inner part of the daffodil, a drinking bend straw, a…


“I’m crazy in love with you”

    “I’m crazy in love with you” – this is the explanation for the tousled coloured hair…


Winter collage with straws

ice skates sledge These are two easy winter collages with juice straws. You can find also templates for…


To wear moustaches at a party:)

Here you can see an easy way to make your kid’s party funnier! Put different coloured moustaches or…


Drinking Straws, Shoelaces and Fine Motor Skills

You need 2 dollars – one for thin shoelaces and one for a package of drinking straws –…


Singing STRAWS

Did you know that straws can make music… or rather, that if you cut drinking straws into different…


Moving OWL

This fun toy might be simple, but it’s very charming and we do love it.  An owl drawing…



  To make these octopuses, you will need an empty roll of toilet paper. Make a fringe cut…


Drinking Straw STARFISH

My daughter keeps playing with drinking straws. She makes squares, triangles, magic wands and all sorts of other…

цветна градина

Egg Carton FLOWERS

To make these flowers, you will need colored paper and plastic straws for the stems. A dyed and…

пеперуди от сламки

Drinking-Straw BUTTERFLIES

This wonderful activity is very good for developing pincer grasp and hand-eye coordination:) You will need clothespins, colored…