Snowman Love Cards

Snowman Love Cards

 Kids from from kids’ center Step, Sofia, have created these lovely snowmen.  see more:



watch video: print templates:  see more:

ice cream skiers

Ice cream skiers

  To make these ski racers you need this template, two toot-picks and two ice cream wooden sticks….



Let’s make a snowman together with the kids from the KREATIVNOST association. cut a big circle from white…

christmas ornaments

Nine Ideas for Christmas Toys from Colored paper strips

1. Paper balls – you need 7 ribbons.   How to make a ball? The ribbons are equal….

5 great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover pads

5 great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover pads

Look at these five great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover cotton pads. 1. Snowman and…


Snowman from a pillow (IKEA)

Have a look at this easy and quick way to make a soft toy – a snow man….


Wooden Frosty for outdoors

There is a very good practice at the school of our grown up Krokotak-girl – each class has…


A big snowman for decoration

A big snowman for decoration. Looks great, but there are a few flaws in our structure – since…

Снежен човек от кори за яйца

Snowman made of egg boxes

Kids find it very fascinating when they see that the objects may have a second life. How the…

3 зимни идеи с нагъната хартия

Three easy winter ideas from folded paper

  Have a look at three very easy and beautiful ideas for decoration. We have used only coloured…


Windowsill SNOWMAN

After our failed attempt to make a snowman in the yard, we made one on the balcony window….

Snowman sock


It’s just the right time for this little SNOWMAN (Sofia is all white this morning).  I’m grateful to…


Mrs Cherry’s Snowmen

See KROKOTAK’s new discovery - Mrs Cherry’s Workshop  (Mrs Cherry’s studio for kids’ photography“) and their great DIY snowmen….


Cristmas crafts from homemade plasticine

  We often prepare plasticine at home. It’s better if you apply the colour at the end of…


Plastic Cup SNOWMAN

Let me introduce our snowman! I wasn’t too happy with the result (he’s rather lightweight and needs to…

Коледни играчки от отпадъчни материали

Recycled OUTDOOR Decorations

Here are three different ideas for Christmas decorations which are sturdy enough for outdoor use. If you have…



Here are some easy and entertaining activities for the upcoming Christmas season. Paper plates are a versatile material…



“Mommy? How many days until Santa comes?” Here’s an easy calendar your kids can make themselves. Starting from…

Занимавки за Коледа

Christmas-Themed PAPER DOLLS

It may be a month away, but Christmas is already in the air! That’s why we started posting…

kids craft for christmas

SALT DOUGH Christmas Ornaments

Тake a look at our Christmas ornaments! It did take some time to make them, but it was…

Снежен човек от Данонино

Danonino SNOWMAN

You will need an empty Danonino bottle (sticker removed) and a colored paper napkin for the head. After…


CARDS and figures from corrugated cardboard

A snowman and a Christmas tree made of pre-cut strips of corrugated cardboard, rolled into a cylinder and…

снежен човек от хартия


Print, color and glue to make the paper SNOWMAN. It started snowing outside this morning. Let’s hope we…



These snowmen were photographed (and then gobbled up) a long time ago. I think they would be perfect…

Клечки от сладолед и как да направим от тях човечета

Lolly sticks – how to make figures

These are some of the Christmas toys made by Iva, Dari and Vyara (The Land beyond the Rainbow):…