Корабчета оригами

Origami ships

I have forgotten how easy these ships are made. And since our overseas vacation is going on for…


Paper strawberries

Nice pastime for the big and small – you can see from the pictures. With my humble aid…


Origami hen

Merry hens – origami, made from coloured paper – they are easy to make and suitable for every…

kids origami

Paper bracelet origami

This time we will make an origami bracelet, made in the colours of the Bulgarian matrenitsa – red…

Сърце направено от солнички-оригами

Paper fortune teller origami heart

  A heart, made of 18 paper fortune teller origamis – a nice present for a loving person! We…


3D Origami – Not As Hard As They Seem

Only when I made them myself I decided they were not so hard after all. Iva from  Тuk-Tame…

оригами за деца

ORIGAMI Finger Puppets

We are happy to welcome once again “Двама с мама“(Me and Mom) and their cheerful origami for kids:…


SUMMER STYLE Decorations

Here are a few easy ideas that could bring seaside mood into your home. You can fold these…

как да си направим гъбки оригами

ORIGAMI Mushrooms

Тhese colorful origami mushrooms can be used to decorate a lot of things. You need 2 A4 printer…

хартиена ракета шаблон

Paper ROCKET + Template

They fly so well! They are so easy to make! If you have a printer, you can print…


CHALLENGE Your Friends!

  Who will be the first to get the ball into the pocket? The purpose of the game…


Happy Mother’s Day

Joy and happiness to all our dear mothers and grandmothers, and to all the women around us who…



Make this beautiful 3D ocean-floor collage: Prepare the waves background and all the boats, fish, whales and seaweed….


How To Make a Spiderweb

Nadezhda Yordanova and Stamena Hristova made these recycled Halloween decorations with the kids from Group 2 at their…

направи си сам мигащо око

Do I Look Like a CYCLOPE – Blinking Origami Eye

We had lots of fun with my little cyclope. We borrowed the idea from CREATIVITY  Association (their meetings…



To make a ladybird, you need only one red paper square. On Step 3 you have to use…

зайче - оригами

ORIGAMI Easter Bunny

Here’s an easy idea for an origami rabbit that each child can decorate to his or her own…


WHALE Lotta Love (Origami for Kids)

This is our first St Valentine’s idea for the year – origami for kids, a pair of whales…



To make these puppies you need nothing more than a cube of post-it notes and a felt-tip pen….

хартиени животни - шаблони

PAPER TOY PRINTABLES (Animals and Objects)

Scroll down to view all documents. Click on an image to enlarge and print. You can see the…