Penguin love

Penguin love

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Snowman Love Cards

Snowman Love Cards

 Kids from from kids’ center Step, Sofia, have created these lovely snowmen.  see more:



    watch video: You need a quick drying clay, and a cooking mold. Make sure the heart…



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Pictures from drinking straws and salt dough

The kids that took part in the Saturday workshop of The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” in the of…


А vase with flowers

Awesome decoration with red pieces of paper and heart shaped paper punch made by the kids from the “Step” workshop in Sofia…

robot love

Robot Love

 printable templates:  colour and black and white  see more:


❤Love Bears ❤

Printable templates small bears  big bear  see more:  

recipes with kids

Heart Shaped Lollipops

We borrowed the recipe from the culinary book for kids “Small Cookie“, of publishing house “Ribka” Ingredients: 1 tea…

Rain of Hearts with Cotton Pads

Rain of Hearts with Cotton Pads

You need: colored paper, cotton pads, scissors, and glue! see more:

Bottle Cap Mosaic

Bottle Cap Mosaic

  If you want to make the same mosaic as the kids from  Exploratorium BG you have to…

Valentine's Day Heart Pancakes

Pancakes Hearts and Letters

  It’s a good idea to review the letters from time to time. Children learn them pretty quickly…

valentines kids craft

Angry Valentines

With the help of the eyes and mouths of the kids’ favorite’s video game characters, decorate these easy-to-make…

A paper clip heart

A paper clip heart

    A wonderful present – with just a few metal hearts you can turn an ordinary candle…


Envelope – origami

  To make these envelopes you need a square piece of paper. See how easy it is –…


A folded paper heart

You need a rectangular piece of colored paper, two more piece of different colored paper (to be glued…

3D garlands-hearts

3D garlands-hearts

This one very easy way to make a 3D garland with hearts on it. To make this garland…

Heart pillow (no-sew)

Heart pillow (no-sew)

Have a look at this easy way to make such a pillow from felt fabric or polar fleece…

christmas ornaments

Nine Ideas for Christmas Toys from Colored paper strips

1. Paper balls – you need 7 ribbons.   How to make a ball? The ribbons are equal….


Heart-shaped pom-pom

The design depends on the way you trim the pom-pom:) We decided to cut it in the shape…


Heart-shaped wreath

A wreath made of hearts for those who are in love and celebrate on Valentine’s Day! The kids…


Clay heart for colouring

Here we used air drying modeling clay. My participation in the process was very little – I just…


3D paper heart

This 3D heart is both very impressive and easy to make. You will need coloured printer paper and…

Сладки сърчица от многолистно тесто

Sweet hearts

I hurried to take a picture of them when they got ready … because half an hour later…


A tasty strawberry, instead of a heart :)

  You will need a piece of cardboard paper for the base, 10 sheets of coloured paper and PVA…


Bushy Valentine hearts

Have you noticed that the most spectacular things are very simple. Iva, Dari and Vyara from the The…

Сърце направено от солнички-оригами

Paper fortune teller origami heart

  A heart, made of 18 paper fortune teller origamis – a nice present for a loving person! We…


Hearts from cardboard and thread – three variants

1. A 3D heart  2. An easy cardboard heart 3.   An embroidered heart 1. A 3D heart –…

направи си сам ваза за едно цвете


Holidays are approaching. I often get a single flower – a tulip, a hyacinth or a snowdrop. Here’s…


HEART PRINTS and 8 Ways to Use Them

I haven’t met a child who would not jump at the chance to make prints. If you want…


Salt-Dough HEARTS

These lovely ideas about Mother’s day gifts that kids can make by themselves were sent to us by…

гирмянд за Свети Валентин

Heart Garland

I found the idea at,  but I don’t think you actually need to print out templates. Hearts…

сърца от хартия


You can make these hearts from all kinds of paper but old magazine pages work best Cut a…

сърце от кламер

Tiny Precious HEARTS

There’s no need for words. These tiny and delicate hearts can be made at a moment’s notice