Let’s make a paper jewelry with the kids from the KREATIVNOST association. see more:    


Fashion trends this autumn

Yana Zhelyazkova and the pupils from the third grade of “Bratya Miladinovu” school have made these beautiful models….

Make a Unique Piggy Bank out of a Plastic Bottle

Make a Unique Piggy Bank out of a Plastic Bottle

They are so easy to make – coin banks. You just need empty plastic milk bottles. We used…

как да си направим корона от мъниста

How to Make a Bead Crown?

How indeed? I don’t know, ask Vihra She’s beautiful, witty and creative… When I was a little girl,…


Little FAIRY

Here’s how you can turn a young lady into a beautiful fairy. You’ll need a tailor for the…


Salt Dough JEWELRY

The jewelry made with lots of love and inspiration by the kids at the Skills Workshop at Hristo…



We decided to follow up on the previous article with similar ballerinas that would be easy enough for…

тест родена ли си за принцеса

Printable Activities for GIRLS

Girl Paper Doll: These paper dolls can be printed out and dressed up. You can make a girl…

dress-up dolls


Тhese are paper dolls for playing dress-up. You can make a girl, a boy or even Santa! To…


No-sew SNOWFLAKE tutu

It’s snowflake season! Almost every girl will have to do the snowflake dance – and need a special…

лица за гримиране и оцветяване - шаблони

FACE PRINTABLES for Drawing Hair and Make-Up

Girls love designing dresses, making-up their dolls or doing their hair. Several dolls at our house had their…

картинки за оцветяване за момичета

GIRLS’ Coloring Pages

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