Paper Flower Garland

Paper Flower Garland

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Easter Egg Garland

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Funny Creatures from paper chain garland

Funny Creatures from paper chain garland

These are the marvelous paper creatures made by the children taking part in the A Group for Children’s…

Хартиени бухалчета с молив

Pencil Owl Holder

Look at these cute owls. Use them to make a stunning garland. You need a colored sheet of…

Sticky Notes Decorated Birds

Sticky Notes Decorated Birds

You need a circle-shaped object (we used a cup and a pot lid) to draw a circle. Cut it…


DIY Flower Garland

These flowers are so easy to make! You need just a few colored sheets of paper, scissors and…

3D garlands-hearts

3D garlands-hearts

This one very easy way to make a 3D garland with hearts on it. To make this garland…

Flowers with Christmas Lights

wach video: Decorate your Christmas lights with beautiful paper flowers. Thus, even if not switched on, the garland…

Christmas garland from drinking straws

Christmas garland from drinking straws

Garland from drinking straws – suitable for outdoor decoration. The making of this garland aids the development of…


Easy Garland – Reindeers

  You need: template for print sheets of paper in different colors glue Print the template on different-colored…

украса за Баба Марта

A white and red garland

You will need red and white square sheets of paper for this garland. The size of the squares…

Ароматен кухненски гирлянд от сушени портокали, орехи и канела

A fragrang garland from dried mandarin oranges, walnuts and cinnamon

Does its look tasty? We can even smell the fragrance….Very easy, cheap and beautiful. What you need is:…


Apples and walnuts

The season of the apples has come! Well, ours are not for eating, but they can be used…


Party Decoration IDEAS

Perhaps you already know them – they are Bozhi and Deni. As I am on the same wavelength…


How KROKOTAK Made a Postcard

Here’s an easy way to make a card yourself! You will need half an apple, a sheet of…

гирмянд за Свети Валентин

Heart Garland

I found the idea at,  but I don’t think you actually need to print out templates. Hearts…

сърца за Св. Валентин


These delicate hearts are made with several colored paper strips, a stapler and a pair of scissors. Cut…


Valentine Day’s GARLAND

You will need A4 sheets of colored paper, a pair of scissors and a stapler. Cut the paper…

мартеница гирлянд за баба Марта

Easy NO-GLUE Red-and-White Garlands

This is a very pleasant activities for kids who are good at working with scissors. I guarantee at…


Paper Tree and Snowball GARLAND

Истинска зима е вече, бяла и студена. Our new winter garland is made of snowy trees and white…

No-Glue Garlands

No-Glue Garlands

Easy and durable no-glue garlands You need colored rectangular pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. Besides…

как да си направим коледни гирлянди


Тhese festive garlands are so easy to make you can enlist little hands to help you decorate. You…