DIY Spring Crown

 Spring is coming! Have a look at the crowns created by the children from kid’s theater “Camel”. The…

Paper Flower Garland

Paper Flower Garland

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How to draw SNOWDROPS

These are the lovely snowdrop flowers, made by the kids attending the Dreamers workshop. They were drawn with aquarelle…

easy paper flowers


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DIY Fabric Roses

DIY Fabric Roses

  Have a look at these easy-to-make fabric roses presented to us by Elia - www.ellieafter.com. No matter how…


Beautiful thingies

 The children from the Little Masters Workshop created wonders again last Saturday – this time they used fabric,…

DIY White Paper Flowers

White Paper Flowers

    watch video: This project for a cafe in  Sofia History Museum is already realized. Its interior designer is…


Colored Pebble Cactus

Transform the boring grey pebbles into a beautiful decoration for your home. Have a look at the idea kids’…


Crepe Paper Flowers

Have a look at the crepe paper flowers of the kids from Study Fantasy. To do them they used…

Field (wild) flowers

Field flowers

  This project belongs to the “Land Beyond the Rainbow”(Iva, Dary, and Vyara).   You can read the whole…


Flower Cookies

  You need: 400 gr flower 1/2 tea cup yoghurt 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 50 ml cooking oil…


Flowers from from drinking straws

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DIY Spring Crown

DIY Spring Crown

In connection with the advancing spring have a look at the crowns, made by Iva, Dari and Vyara…

Egg Carton Flower Wreath

Egg Carton Flower Wreaths

  See the awesome Egg Carton Flower Wreaths, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna. You need:…

paper flowers

Paper flowers

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А vase with flowers

Awesome decoration with red pieces of paper and heart shaped paper punch made by the kids from the “Step” workshop in Sofia…



See the awesome sunflowers, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna. You need: template green pipe-cleaners…


Floral Collages

​If you have a flower garden this is perfect for your kids. We have chosen suitable images for print….


How to make fairy perfume

This is my kids’ favorite game:)   Every summer when the kids go to the countryside and the…


How to Draw Dandelions

You need a blue sheet of paper, white (acrylic or tempera) paint, and cotton buds. Prepare the stems…


Correction Pen Art

  Have you ever thought that you can use the correction pen for anything else than correcting errors….


Flower Panels

These are the flower panels of the 1st grade pupils from the Yordan Yovkov school, Tutrakan. Their teacher is Rumyana…

DIY Lianas in Different Colors

DIY Lianas in Different Colors

These are the lianas (in different colors) made by the kids from the Step play center, Sofia. Their…


Tulip Garden – Stencil Painting

An idea very easy to realize. The kids from Kid’s House, Varna –A Tulip Garden.  You need a…


DIY Flower Garland

These flowers are so easy to make! You need just a few colored sheets of paper, scissors and…

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

Great art for the smallest kids. Fold a green sheet of paper multiple times as shown below (letter,…

A Snowdrop from Thread

A Snowdrop from Thread

To make such snowdrops you need white thread and green pipe cleaner. Roll some thread on your hand,…



These are the crocuses made by the kids from the Step play center, Sofia. Their teacher is Elena…


A folded paper heart

You need a rectangular piece of colored paper, two more piece of different colored paper (to be glued…

Flowers with Christmas Lights

wach video: Decorate your Christmas lights with beautiful paper flowers. Thus, even if not switched on, the garland…


Flower gun

  A flower gun: We used different flowers in the variant from our childhood, but why not to…

DIY notes ideas

Eight sticky notes cool ideas

1. 3D cube – made of 12 different coloured sheets 2. Flower – sun, made by paper funnels,…


Papaver princesses

  Every time when I make a bouquet from these magic flowers I cannot stop making a princess…

Калии от сламки, клечки и памук

DIY calla lilly with drinking straws, cotton buds, and cotton

The kids from group number 4 of kindergarten “Prolet”, Sevlievo, and their teacher Nadya Mihailova have sent us…