Red and White PAPER DOLLS

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Funny pencils

Funny Pensils

  Look at the merry pencils, made by the kids who took part in the Saturday workshop organized…

Хартиена кукла - Баба Марта

Paper Doll – Baba Marta

This is the Baba Marta doll, made of paper, wooden spoon and yarn. The pictures were sent to…

How to Make Yarn Dolls

How to Make Yarn Dolls

You need: different kinds of yarn thread a small piece of felt – for the wings air dry…


Rag dolls with rubber bands without sewing

This is an easy and fun way to make your own “rag dolls” with rubber bands. These dolls…

pom-pom kids craft

DIY pom-pom flies

Let’s make these pompom flies together with the kids from the KREATIVNOST association. You need: eye-catching thread knitting…


Woven toys on a piece of cardboard paper

You can easily make a loom out of cardboard and to weave such dolls on it. It better…


Papaver princesses

  Every time when I make a bouquet from these magic flowers I cannot stop making a princess…


Rag doll – Baba Marta (Iva’s Creations)

In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old lady, “baba Marta”….


Mummy gymnast:)

I have promised my children a pyramid too this evening… so that our mummy to have where to…

How to Make Spoon Dolls

St Lazar’s Day DOLLS

I was inspired by Арт-къща “КУКЛИТЕ” (Art House THE DOLLS). I always loved their dolls – they are…


Child’s Drawing DOLLS

After I visited some well-stocked art supply stores, I quickly gave up the idea for making these dolls…

DIY sock baby


Our new section – “The Magic of Mery Poppins” is hosted by Hrisi and her wonderful blog  Mery…


Wooden Spoon DOLLS

Here are our small wooden spoon dolls. We used a variety of materials that are easy and nice…

как се правят Пижо и Пенда

Don’t Forget the Classics – Pizho and Penda

After all the new ideas we come up with at KROKOTAK, we must not forget the eternal classics…


Red and White PAPER DOLLS

Paper Girl in Two Colors Baba Marta Paper Doll These dolls are easy to cut and assemble We…


Baba Marta’s DAUGHTER

  Тhis cheerful martenitsa was sent to us by the kids in  Treasures Atelier and their teacher Maria…

как да си направим кукла от прежда

Baba Marta YARN DOLL

When your kid has come down with a runny nose and a cough and you have to stay…