Red and White PAPER DOLLS

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    watch video: You need a quick drying clay, and a cooking mold. Make sure the heart…


FABRIC and BUTTONS Martenitsas

What is ‘martenitsa’? In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old…

от кошчето - мартенички от празни пласмасови  бутилки

EMPTY BOTTLE Martenitsas

Here’s an easy way to make big martenitsas without using an awful lot of yarn Wrap thick white…

направи си сам мартеничка от филц

Good Health AMULETS in Red and White

We decided to take a break from all those storks and Pizho and Penda dolls – and make…


Cord Martenitsas

We started making our martenitsas. I had long planned to start using the knitting machine… it’s just perfect…


Martenitsas by ANETO

Take a look at Aneto’s new martentsas Those teeny-weeny mice… “I had planned to make rabbits… I made…

как да си направим сами мартеничка


You will need: wire, a cylindrical object to wind the wire on, red and white beads, two larger…

направи си сам мартеница - подкова

HORSESHOE Martenitsa

Lots of thanks to Stefka from prikazno.com who let us publish this easy idea for a horseshoe martenitsa: Instructions: …