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Biscuit House

Biscuit House

This is one very tasty project of the Kids’ Architecture Workshop. You need a couple of thick square biscuits,…

Paper Angels

Paper Angels

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DEER – Paper Greeting Card/ Gift Tag

Printable template: Follow instructions below:  see more:  

Paper Angels

Paper Angels

To have these angels  you need to print out our  template. Follow the instructions below: see more:  

Pop Up snowflakes

Pop Up snowflakes

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  Here we present Fold CHRISTMAS TREES,  created by the kids from first class in OC “St. Cyril and Methodius”- vilage…


Lighted Houses

Here we present the lighted houses, created by the kids from Kid’s architecture workshop. For the lighting inside the…

Flowers with Christmas Lights

wach video: Decorate your Christmas lights with beautiful paper flowers. Thus, even if not switched on, the garland…

Christmas garland from drinking straws

Christmas garland from drinking straws

Garland from drinking straws – suitable for outdoor decoration. The making of this garland aids the development of…


Winter Decoration

 Winter decoration – stylish, simple and very easy to make. You can quickly make the shelves “frosty” with…


How to make the pretty pictures into Christmas decoration

We have found this great idea in Elia’s blog ( – how to make Christmas toys with the…


Christmas Dwarfs

  Christmas dwarfs – cute, colorful and hardworking! Let’s make them together with the kids from the KREATIVNOST…


Easy Garland – Reindeers

  You need: template for print sheets of paper in different colors glue Print the template on different-colored…


Christmas toys from aluminium foil

This is part of our homemade Christmas decoration. Two pairs of kids’ hands made them, competing which picture…


Winter house with cotton

An awesome decoration of a winter house – by the idea of Zlatka Nikolaeva and the kids of…

Two Paper Reindeers

Two Paper Reindeers

Rudolph with a lollipop nose – a sweet, small and cute present:) Print the template. We copied it…

christmas ornaments

Nine Ideas for Christmas Toys from Colored paper strips

1. Paper balls – you need 7 ribbons.   How to make a ball? The ribbons are equal….


Beautiful angels from clay

  You need air dry clay and think metal wire. Make a base from clay and put two…


Stars from looms, wooden sticks and thread

    These looms are in every house – small and not so small kids are crazy about…


A letter to Santa

  We have prepared a letter to Santa template for you. You just have to print it and…

DIY Christmas Postbox - Santa

DIY Christmas Postbox – Santa

Christmas postbox – Santa. It is made of a shoe box decorated with colored paper. There are on…

Коледен календар - дядо Коледа

Christmas Advent Calendar – Santa

This is our new CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR. It is easy to cut, color and glue. Glue it on…


Fir Tree from Colored Paper Strips

  You need: a piece of cardboard paper for base wooden stick colored ribbons – mostly green and…

Santa - napkin ring and beautiful tag4

Santa – napkin ring and beautiful tag

You will have a beautiful Santa after placing the white template on a red napkin. The template is…

An DIY easy bell and paper wreath

An easy bell and paper wreath

1.Bell – You need a piece of yellow cardboard paper cut in the shape of a circle, a…

5 great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover pads

5 great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover pads

Look at these five great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover cotton pads. 1. Snowman and…


Dried ORANGE PEEL decor

We had planned to do those last year, but we never found the time… To make full use…

украса за Баба Марта

A white and red garland

You will need red and white square sheets of paper for this garland. The size of the squares…


The Nativity of Jesus made by the hands of a kid

Look at The Nativity of Jesus made with great love by the little hands of Marina Spasova. Thanks…


Old ice skating shoes decoration

If you have at home a pair of ice skating shoes which are old, small, or torn, have…


Christmas jelly bean crafts

This is our first pastime idea for kids during the Christmas holidays – tested successfully! I put the…

Дантелена елха за прозорец

Paper snowflakes fir tree for the window

  You can make all this with the help of ten A4 sheets of paper and scissors! I…


Snow flakes for colouring

  Snowflakes for colouring that you can easily use for Christmas decoration. An easy task both for the…

Коледна елха от брошури покрита с много сол:)

Leaflet Christmas tree, well covered in salt:)

   I saw a similar Christmas three at friends. Granny and grandson (my sweet Angel) had strung a…


Christmas wishes with cinnamon sticks

Mariyana Kafedziiska from Small Bookshop – Blagoevgrad sent us this idea for Christmas wishes. They are so easy…